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human facts. by Coltsteelstallion

Amazing comic! it really tells about how Lyra likes humans. I also like that Twilight is responding with a negative effect of human cul...

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How to find your District in the Hunger Games series.

Imagine you just were reaped in the Hunger Games, depending on your District you will either mostly die (Districts 3, 5-12) or Win (Districts 1, 2, 4) but what is your district, I shall show you some ways to find it

#1-Birthday Months, whichever B-Day month you will have, the number will be your District

Jan-District 1
Feb-District 2
Mar-District 3
Apr-District 4
May-District 5
June-District 6
July- District 7
Aug-District 8
Sep-District 9
Oct-District 10
Nov-District 11
Dec-District 12

For example, if you were born on August, you will be in District 8 Like shown.

#2-State Districts

If you are in a state with a District separation, you can use this

District 1-12 is easy if you live there, but imagine you live in a District that is higher than District 12 like District 26 for example, Here is a way you can do it, you can Subtract the highest factor of 12 necessary to get a 1-12 District, for example.

District 28... 28-24[Factor of 12] = You will live in District 4
District 24... 24-12 = You will live in District 12

Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor. :)
How to find your Hunger Games District
You can show your District (B-Day and/or State District) on the comments below.
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I like laundry smells... the end.


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Hello, I am Cheesycheeseocheese but you can call me Cheese, I am a brony of the MLP:FIM Series. But I also enjoy Star Wars, Creepypastas, Laughing, and riding a scooter. My favorite kinds of Movies is Sci-Fi Or Comedy. The Current Profile Picture I am using belongs to AriaGrill ... [More To Come Later]

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